23.2 BenSelect Release Notes

June 2, 2023 (23.2.2023.0602)

Note – Next scheduled release is June 23, 2023

System Wide Enhancements

Plan Year selector on forms loaded to Forms Library   
Allows case builders to select for forms loaded to the Forms Library for display in the Forms Library during enrollment (in other words, not Benefit Confirmation forms) to be associated with particular plan years. By default, uploaded forms are set to be visible for “All Plan Years”, but this change allows for changing that selection to one or multiple enrollment plan years.

New option to exclude New Hires from “Force Plan Effective Date During Open Enrollment”   
The current option on Enrollment Rules for “Force Plan Effective Date During Open Enrollment” forces the plan effective date for all enrollees, including new hires. This setting was originally implemented to allow groups who hold OE past the plan year start date to give everyone enrolling during OE the plan year start date as their effective date. However, some groups may want to exclude employees hired during OE from this behavior and enforce a new hire waiting period. A new option is added in this release to the “Force Plan Effective Date During Open Enrollment” option to either Include or Exclude New Hires. The default behavior for existing cases will be to continue to Include New Hires. When the option is selected with “Excluding New Hires”, then the plan effective date will be enforced for enrollees unless they are a new hire still in their waiting period.

HRX: Show pending coverage amounts and costs   
110027, 112385
Indicates pending coverage amounts and costs for elections pending EOI decisions in HRX view.

HRX: Allow attachments to Employee Notes   
Allows admin users to upload file attachments to Notes within HRX view.


System Wide Bug Fixes

Enrollment error when using GetEligibleProductsByDate() script   
112712 – released 5/15/23
Fixes crash that could occur in cases using GetEligibleProductsByDate() script in enrollment.

Life event that crosses multiple plan years not maintaining original effective date on re-enrollment during grace period   
Corrects processing to maintain original effective date after a life event when the life event is initially processed in one plan year, but is re-enrolled while still in the grace period but in the next plan year.

Life event “Reason type” not maintained over multiple enrollment sessions in grace period   
Corrects processing to maintain the original “Reason type” of the life event when multiple enrollment sessions are completed within the life event grace period.

Life Event type of “Death” not following Life Event termination date settings   
Fixes bug that caused the Enrollment Rule setting of “Extend coverage through the end of the month when it terminates” to override Life Event termination rules (when set) for all events apart from Job Class change or Transfer.

Product Sort Order not followed   
Fixes bug that prevented a product sort order based on a numeric value (“Product Order”) from working correctly in some situations.

“Favorites” category should be landing page in “Run Report” if user has favorites selected   
Fixes bug that prevented the “Favorites” category from being the default page when selecting “Run Report” if users have favorite reports selected. Users without reports marked as “Favorites” will still land on the Standard category.

Previous change event should not be used as the Reason when Auto-Enroll is used   
Corrects behavior during auto-enroll/case wrap-up to not use the last change event reason as a reason for the auto-enroll.

Cannot delete benefit level if Code is non-numeric   
Fixes bug that prevented deletion of benefit levels if the benefit level “Code” was set to a non-numeric value.

Control Number-level EDI script not copied on case copy   
Corrects case copy to correctly copy EDI script at the Control Number level from case to case.

Custom Benefit Guide icon not showing correctly in prime themes   
Adjusts prime themes to correctly display uploaded custom Benefit Guide icons.

Employee Self-Service indicator on Admin Dash should not display green if self-service date range is in the past   
Changes the Employee Self-Service indicator on the Admin Dash to show as red if the “Employee Self Service” setting is enabled, but the date range ends in the past.

Do not show multi-plan year dialog on every intro presentation when enrolling in two plan years   
Fixes bug that displayed the multi-plan year message dialog on every Introduction presentation when enrolling in multiple plan years.

HRX: do not show withdrawn coverage in Summary view   
Fixes bug that caused withdrawn coverage to show as active in the Summary view of coverage.

Carrier or Partner Specific Integration Updates

All Integrations   

    • Display correct date on deduction events (111935) – Addresses a problem with integration dashboards where the “After” column for deductions would display a date different from what was sent in the payload.
    • Prevent enabling Auto-Sync if there are events in the Awaiting Approval List (112215) – Addresses a situation with integrations where enabling Auto-Sync while events were awaiting approval could cause events in the ready for processing queue to become stuck for multiple hours before being processed.
    • JScript for outbound events (112307, 113145) – Adds the ability to use JScript for outbound events to allow for customization of which dates to use when sending deductions.
  • New options to utilize Pay Period for deductions (112308, 112331) – Adds new options on the integration configuration page that will allow using the Pay Period Begin or End dates from the paygroup calendar when calculating deduction dates.
  • Show ID Values on Export Parameters (111761) – Modifies the view of Export Parameters (on reports) to include both Unique Identifiers and REST API values and have labeled the two columns as “Report Values” and “JSON Values” to differentiate them more effectively.
  • Skip delivery for all ignored events (112344) – Corrects a bug when processing a transfer event that caused the integration to generate a change event and send unnecessary termination notifications for coverages.


Hartford Brix EOI – Add “AsOfDt” in the Request

Updates the BRIX EOI include AsOfDt in the request sent to Hartford.

Everwell Product Engine – Use product AdminName

Updates the product engine to use product AdminName instead of product name in the enrollment search request.

Paylogix – Allow opening in a new window

Updates the Paylogix payment processor to allow launching the experience in a new window instead of an iFrame.

New York Life EOI – Transition URLs from Cigna to NYL

112711, 113327
Updates the Cigna/New York Life EOI to use the NYL endpoints.

Paycor – Sync future deductions

Updates the sync for Paycor integrations to include future deductions.

iSolved – Hold future deductions

Updates iSolved integration to hold all future coverage changes.

API Updates – BenSelect API Documentation

Allow updating credentials on integrations   
Adds API endpoints for updating Client Secret integrations that have these properties.

WEBDX – Also supports updating password.
POST {{baseUrl}}/api/setup/cases/{caseGuid}/integrations/wbedx/plugins/{pluginUniqueID}/credentials

POST {{baseUrl}}/api/setup/cases/{caseGuid}/integrations/viventium/plugins/{pluginUniqueID}/credentials

POST {{baseUrl}}/api/setup/cases/{caseGuid}/integrations/isolved/plugins/{pluginUniqueID}/credentials

Update User Certificate   
Adds a new API endpoint to allow updating a User certificate.

GET {baseUrl}/api/setup/cases/{caseUniqueID}/personalinfo/dependents

SSO Updates


ACA Updates


Reporting Updates

Update – Lincoln (S1) Eligibility Extract   
released 5-23-2023
Added additional setting called “Use Initial Effective Dates.” Also, added the ability output Product 3 fields via location property

Update – Sontiq Payer Extract   
released 5-23-2023
Added additional parameter called “Expanded Details” which includes option called “AcceptedCreditMonitoringT&Cs.” This option adds an additional column

Update – Voya Financial EOI Extract   
released 5-18-2023
Added additional setting called “Do not send Guaranteed Issue amounts for Voluntary Life coverages”

Update – HEALTHpac ANSI834 Extract   
released 5-18-2023
Added three Additional Settings called 1. Replace maintenance code 28 with AI 2. Send E in INS06 3. Do not send DTP303 and DTP456 for dependent records

Update – Fox-Everett ANSI834 Extract   
released 5-18-2023
Added Additional Setting called “Send SSN only to REF02”

Update – Paycom Report   
released 5-16-2023
Added Version 2 to meet client’s new specs

Update – Mutual of Omaha Eligibility Extract   
released 5-15-2023
Added Additional Setting called “Send Vision at 1910 instead of 1939. ” This will change the position data is coming over as.

Update – Lifemap 834   
released 5-15-2023
Added Additional Setting called “Send employee eligibility date to DTP*356 Segment”

Update – Lifemap 834   
released 5-15-2023
Added Additional Setting called “Send segment INS10 for child only if above the state defined limiting age”

Update – MetLife Payer Extract – ONE Layout   
released 5-15-2023
Added Additional Setting called “Send Authorization Date before the Effective Date if Authorization Date is after Effective Date”

Update – WEX Health COBRA QB Import File   
released 5-15-2023
Added Additional Setting called “Send Qualifying Event Date for Enrollment Date for Ineligible Dependent ONLY (overwrites the Enrollment Date parameter)”

Update – BCBS of IL/NM/OK/TX ANSI834 Extract   
released 5-13-2023
Added ability to add another Loop2700 via location property

Update – BCBS of Massachusetts ANSI834 Extract   
released 5-13-2023
Added Additional Setting called “Send Extraction Date/Time to BGN02”

Update – Unum Disability and Critical Illness Benefits   
released 5-12-2023
Added version 3 to meet client’s new specs

Update – Lawson Conversion File (All Employees)   
released 5-12-2023
Added Additional Setting called “Remove function code S from PR514 table”

Update – HEALTHpac ANSI834 Extract   
released 5-11-2023
Added Additional Setting called “Send 2 to BGN08”

Update – Combined Insurance LBT XML Extract   
released 5-10-2023
Added Additional Setting called “Do not include CI Rider amounts in TotalPlanPremium field”

Update – HEALTHpac ANSI834 Extract   
released 5-9-2023
Added ability to add Department Number (Loop2000 REF*DX) via EDI Setup ‘Subgroup Number’

Update – CONEXIS – COBRA   
released 5-5-2023
Added Additional Setting called “Change Employee and Child Action Codes to 01 and 02 respectively when Qualifying Event is 14”