23.1 BenSelect Release Notes

January 27, 2023 (23.1.2023.0127)

Note – Next scheduled release is February 17, 2023

System Wide Enhancements

Introducing Just-in-Time EDI Setup   
Selerix is pleased to introduce Just-in-Time EDI Setup, which will allow report builders to define required EDI parameters and other case settings, creating an easy workflow for setting those values when a report is scheduled. Users who are scheduling reports using this feature will be prompted to enter values using the carrier’s terminology all on one screen, without having to bounce between multiple pages for data entry. This exciting new feature is aimed at reducing the configuration time for scheduling carrier reports. Selerix-built reports will begin implementing this feature on a phased basis.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe All for Deliverables   
Administrative users can now Subscribe or Unsubscribe to all Deliverables on a case with a single click, allowing notification of deliverable failures.

System Wide Bug Fixes

Cannot add pay dates to pay calendars when plan years are created retroactively   
Fixes bug that prevented adding pay dates to pay calendars when an older plan year is added to a case.

Coverage not on payer reports when payer changed and coverage was terminated   
Updates logic in Payer reports to include coverage terminated within the date range of a report after a product had changed on the coverage.

Do not show EID of 0 on enrollment site when EID is set to Not Shown and is not set in the case   
When Employee ID is set to “Not Shown” on a case, the enrollment site will no longer show a “0” next to the employee’s name on the enrollment site.

Rounding issue in FSA engine with Additional Employer Contribution set   
Fixes a rounding issue in the FSA engine that could occur when Additional Employer Contribution is set on the configuration and has a monetary value of fractions of cents.

Asking for spouse signature on employee with deleted spouse record   
Corrects behavior of system asking for a spouse signature (when configured on a form) for employees with a deleted spouse record.

Delivery plugins not allowing save without a Fingerprint entry when none is required   
Fixes issue where delivery plugins were not allowing a save when SSH File Transfer Protocol is selected as the protocol and a Fingerprint key is not entered. Fingerprint should not be required in a SSH protocol.

Carrier or Partner Specific Integration Updates

Paycor Integration   
  • Send terminated coverages as new when terminated coverage added through census upload (105504) – fixes an issue when using Census Upload to add coverage history to not send terminated coverages as new coverages.
  • Subtract time component from Paycor deductions/earnings (105493) – fixes an issue where the time component on the deductions could cause it to be postponed into the next pay period
iSolved Integration   
  • Implement sending not only coverages with same Effective date but also future coverages if exist (105480) – fixes an issue where adding future coverage when an active coverage exists would cause the existing coverage to be terminated prematurely.
All Integrations   
  • Add Sync future deductions during sync All (104517, 105185) – adds a configuraton option to integrations to allow including deductions with a future effective date when using the Sync All.
  • All integrations that have password field plugin parameters should request password for import/export integration plugin (104378)
  • Adds a remove button to the Ready for Processing table (102639, 102640)
  • Sync All for one location (99902, 102072) – adds the ability to manually trigger a “Sync All” for a single location.
  • Wrong location mapping functionality on the integration adapters (103197) – Fixes an issue on the Locations mapping table when adding a new location mapping that would sometimes cause it to add a blank location.

API Updates – BenSelect API Documentation

Error on schedule Generic Payer report/Generic Census Extract through api   
Fixes an issue that prevented scheduling the Generic Census Extract report using the API.

Updates for Participation Counts API call   
(106005, 105568)
Fixes an issue that caused enrollments to be excluded from the completed count due to the time component on the Enrollment Status screen and when using the API for participation counts and updates the response to return 0 when no results are found.

ACA Updates

ACA Dashboard. Initial Measurement, Standard (Annual) Measurement, Potential Penalty widgets content should be available for case|aca_review permission   
Fixes an issue where users who had the ACA Review permission would see an unauthorized error message on the ACA Dashboard.

Reporting Updates

Update – Lincoln Financial Census Template   
released 1/19/2023
Added new report version called “Version 2 w/HI (CENSUS)”, which allows for generation of Lincoln Group Hospital Indemnity records.

Update – Trust Billing   
released 1/19/2023
Added Additional Setting called “Split out Dental EE + Family into EE + Children and EE + Spouse for respective coverage tier”.

Update – LegalShield Eligibility Extract   
released 1/18/2023
Added Additional Setting called “Send termination dates for full report scope”.

Update – CWS Enrollment Report   
released 1/18/2023
Added Additional Setting called “Include DateOfHire in the HI table”.

Update – MetLife Payer Extract – ONE Layout   
released 1/12/2023
Added Parameter called “Earliest End Date”, which will set the earliest coverage end/termination date for coverage reported.

Update – 5Star FPPg Export File   
released 1/12/2023
Added Additional Setting called “Send Location in “BILLING CATEGORY (LOCATION)”.

Update – Reliance Standard HR Matrix Benefits file   
released 1/5/2023
Added Additional Setting called “Do Not Skip Employees that have at least 1 Plan Code Setup”.