Ideon Interview with Lyle Griffin, Selerix President

Lyle Griffin, President at Selerix, recently sat down with Ideon to share his thoughts on the LIMRA Data Exchange (LDEx) standards, how the industry can facilitate more LDEx adoption, and how benefits data exchange will evolve over the next few years.

Virtual Enrollment Assistance Q&A with Selerix VP of Service Operations, Paula Kapavik

We recently sat down with Vice President of Service Operations, Paula Kapavik, to discuss Selerix BenSelect’s latest feature, the Virtual Enrollment Assistance. In the interview, Paula discusses why Selerix developed the Virtual Enrollment Assistance, how the feature impacts advisors, employers and employees, and open enrollment trends we can expect in 2021.   If you’d like […]

LDEx Q&A with Selerix VP of Product Development, Ruthie Gray: Part 2

In Part II of the LDEx Series, Ruthie Gray details the value of incorporating LDEx standards for carriers, employers, and technology partners and how the standardization of data exchange has led to a cleaner, faster transmission of data, improved time to market, and significantly enhanced the user experience for all parties.   Missed Part I […]

LDEx Q&A with Selerix VP of Product Development, Ruthie Gray: Part 1

In Part I of the two-part series, we sat down with Vice President of Product Development, Ruthie Gray, to discuss Selerix’s collaboration with the industry-leading LDEx standards and our efforts to streamline the data exchange process between Selerix BenSelect and our carrier partners. In the interview, Ruthie discusses how Selerix co-founder and President, Lyle Griffin, […]