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April 26, 2023


Selerix Overview

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you know that Selerix is a leading benefits administration provider. Our best-in-class solution eases the administrative burdens on brokers, employees, and employers, including the benefits administrators in HR departments. In this article, we review and provide an example of, how Selerix helps those who are responsible for ben admin in organizations.

What a Benefits Administrator Does

According to, the benefits administrator “is responsible for directing and planning the day-to-day operations of group benefits programs.” Those programs include:

  • Group health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Short-term and long-term disability
  • Worker’s compensation claims and benefits
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement plans

Additionally, the benefits administrator “continually investigates new benefits programs, improves existing programs, and supervises and monitors benefits administration.”

So, the benefits administrator occupies a key position at the center of ben admin. Both management and employees rely on these individuals to ensure company benefits are properly administered.

For the employer, the employee benefits administrator:

  • Maintains employee benefits records as required by benefits providers and state and federal regulators
  • Evaluates how efficient and cost-effective existing benefits are and recommend improvements and changes as necessary
  • Works with the payroll department so that employer contributions and employee payroll deductions stay on track
  • Manages vendors and negotiates contracts for existing and new benefits programs

For employees, the benefits system administrator:

  • Keeps employees informed on what they need to know about the company’s benefits
  • Helps employees with benefit-related problems and responds to questions quickly

How Selerix Helps Benefits Administrators Thrive

Let’s use a hypothetical case where Jill is a benefits administrator at a mid-sized company. Jill is well-qualified but has trouble coping with the complex management of employee benefits for the company’s 1,000+ employees. Her most daunting tasks include tracking benefits plans, employee eligibility criteria, and ensuring her company complies with ACA and IRS regulations.

Another challenge Jill faces is keeping her employer and company employees up to date with benefits information and their options. Printed brochures, posters, and hit-and-miss email campaigns simply aren’t effective.

After discovering Selerix, Jill is impressed by the success stories presented in its online case studies. She schedules a solutions demo and ultimately decides to select Selerix to help with her company’s ben admin, with three immediate benefits:

  1. The platform streamlines the company’s benefits administration. Jill now manages benefits plans and employee enrollment with ease. Also, the platform’s decision support tools help employees make better-informed decisions about their benefits.
  2. Selerix lightens Jill’s ACA compliance burden with automated 1095-C population, electronic records submission to IRS, and indispensable insights into tracking employee eligibility.
  3. Selerix also rejuvenates Jill’s benefits information communications with its Engage employee engagement tool. She now schedules benefits information campaigns through text, email, and push notifications. She actively responds to employees through survey and quiz builder tools. Jill also targets her messaging to her exact audience—from younger employees to those approaching retirement, or any of hundreds of other potential groups. Engage also provides reports and insights on Jill’s benefits communication performance.

One big advantage that brought Jill’s company on board was Selerix’s ability to integrate with the company’s HRIS system. Its API integrations allow the company to maintain its current payroll system while updating benefits information in both systems in real-time.

Let us Help

Selerix can help benefits administrators save time by:

  • Automating benefits management processes
  • Keeping employees regularly informed on their company benefits through automated campaigns
  • Answering employee questions without having to constantly contact HR personnel
  • Providing analytics and reporting that provide visibility on cost and other important metrics

Whether you are an employee benefits administrator or looking for benefits administration software for brokers, Selerix can lighten your benefits administration load and allow you to focus on the critical aspects of your job. Contact us for any questions or to learn more about the Selerix solution.

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