Optimizing the Future of Employee Benefits Administration: Insights from the 2024 Selerix User Conference

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May 23, 2024

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The recent 2024 Selerix User Conference lived up to its theme, “Optimizing the Selerix Toolkit,” by bringing together users from across the company’s ecosystem to share, discuss, and collaborate on how to get the most value from Selerix and add maximum value to users of the benefits administration provider’s tools and solutions.

Held April 30-May 1 in Dallas, the conference provided a forum where insurance carriers, resellers, benefits enrollment firms, and Selerix representatives could:

  • Take a deep dive into the functionalities of the Selerix system
  • Explore its expansive capabilities
  • Understand the future trajectory of employee benefits administration technology

Sessions led by industry veterans provided actionable insights and strategies for optimizing benefits administration using Selerix solutions.

A Blueprint for Success

From the start, the conference encouraged a forward-thinking approach to addressing contemporary challenges in the employee benefits sector. In the opening presentation, “Building a Blueprint for Success”, Wes Steele, CEO of Steele Benefits, challenged participants to consider the employer’s perspective of benefits provisions.

Insurance carriers and others need to dig deeper to understand why employers provide the benefits they do, what today’s employees expect and need, and the importance of employee engagement in a continuing tough job market and economy, Steele said.

Keeping the forward-thinking intention of the conference going, Ruthie Gray, Selerix VP of Product Development, provided an overview of the company’s upcoming features. “Sharpening Our Tools: The Selerix Road Map” ensured that users know the best practices for getting optimal results from Selerix and offered a preview of features coming soon.

The idea of optimizing the Selerix toolkit to prepare for upcoming strategic needs was appreciated by Selerix partners who are bringing new products to market. Steele later summed up that sentiment for many participants: “Hearing the development roadmap was helpful — knowing what’s coming and the different ways we can better serve our customers,” Steele said. “It helps us shape the future of what we’re going to do when we know what’s possible.”

Keith Feist, Director of Partner Solutions at Pacific Life, had a similar response about getting insight into upcoming changes to Selerix features to help him plan how his company can get greater value from being a Selerix partner.

“Selerix is an important strategic partner for Pacific Life as we enter the group benefits market,” Feist said. “Their expert, consultative approach has enabled us to implement important, value-added integrations — with more to come soon!”

Empowering Partnerships and Collaboration

A highlight of the conference was the emphasis on partnership and collaboration. Interactive sessions with carriers and resellers were valuable for all of the participants, including Selerix attendees. The company sought candid feedback on how it can help participants better use the system and get more value from it. Participants responded with insights that created collaborative Q&A sessions that gave Selerix plenty of food for thought.

Similarly, sponsoring companies including Unum, Pacific Life and Chubb Workplace Benefits Enrollment Strategies took the opportunity to showcase their commitment to innovation and seamless enrollment experiences. They shared real-world case studies that highlighted the value of being a Selerix partner in successfully bringing new insurance products to the market.

“We loved the opportunity to showcase our Selerix Global Product Builds directly to Selerix users attending the conference,” said Lauren Kilpatrick, Partner Solutions Consultant for Pacific Life.

Stephen Woodill, Assistant Vice President, Chubb Workplace Benefits Enrollment Strategies, highlighted the importance of the conference for networking, educating, and showing a shared commitment to a better enrollment experience — for companies and their employees.

“Sponsoring the Selerix User Conference allowed us to showcase our shared commitment to innovation in creating a seamless enrollment experience for customers,” Woodill said. “It is also a good opportunity to network, educate, and identify trends impacting the industry.”

Other sponsors were Aflac, Prudential Financial, Trustmark, Cigna, Colonial Life, Lincoln Financial, MassMutual, Transamerica, and The Standard.

The Power of a Supportive Ecosystem

The conference also spotlighted the extensive support resources available to Selerix partners and users, especially in the areas of employee communication, meeting and improving data exchange standards, and ACA compliance.

A look into Selerix Engage, the company’s communication solution for greater employee engagement, and discussions around its capabilities underscored the importance of employee engagement in the digital age.

Edward Sanchez, Selerix Director of Communications and Engagement, showcased the simplicity and effectiveness of creating campaigns within Engage, demonstrating the company’s commitment to further enhancing user experience and engagement. In fact, Steele’s conference-opening comments included a real-world story of achieving significant success in employee engagement using Selerix Engage to help drive greater awareness and education during open enrollment season.

Selerix’s Gray spoke to LIMRA Data Exchange (LDEx) standards, clearly illustrating through a demonstration why they’re important to carriers, employers, and Selerix technology partners. Gray explained how LDEx standardization has led to cleaner, faster data transmission, improved time to market for carriers, and a significantly enhanced user experience for everyone in the Selerix ecosystem.

In addressing the tools Selerix has for navigating the ACA, Kelli Smith, Selerix Director of ACA Services, offered more than just a description of how the Selerix system helps users get the necessary forms filed accurately and on time. Her session, “Measure Your Success With ACA,” outlined the company’s proactive approach to ACA reporting and compliance. She described ways it provides real-time insights into tracking workforce eligibility, for an ongoing snapshot and ACA outlook throughout the year.

Tribute to a Co-founder, Introduction of a New Leader

The conference also paid special recognition to Lyle Griffin, Selerix co-founder and president of 22 years, and his wife, Nancy Griffin, for their years of service to the company and for his leadership and vision. Although Griffin has stepped down as president, he will remain on the company’s board of directors.

“Since co-founding Selerix in 2022, our mission has been simple —  to deliver benefits solutions that simplify and empower,” Griffin said after the conference. “I’m proud to have led Selerix in its commitment to simplifying the complexity of benefits and empowering organizations and individuals to operate at maximum efficiency so they can be the best versions of themselves.”

HR technology veteran Tim Pratte, formerly of PrismHR and Questco, has been named Selerix’s chief executive officer and will join the board of directors.

“Tim adds a new dimension to the Selerix leadership team, bringing a wealth of experience in human resources outsourcing and operations and a proven track record of achieving exceptional operating results,” Griffin said. “His leadership experience, particularly at Questco and PrismHR, will be invaluable in moving the organization to a new level of success.”

In sum, the conference not only equipped participants with the tools and knowledge to optimize their use of the Selerix platform but also inspired a shared vision for the future — a future where technology and partnership converge to create unparalleled service experiences for employers and employees alike.

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