The Most Essential Features of Open Enrollment Software

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March 29, 2023

Features of open enrollment software

Although you probably know what open enrollment software is, you may not be aware of how much it has helped ease the burden for HR administrators. The benefits derived from its features are numerous; from simplicity to flexibility. Human resource management teams receive tremendous support from such software. 

When open enrollment comes around, it’s too late to think about the benefits administration software you’re using. Because of the limited time frame open enrollment gives employees, it’s not uncommon to find HR administrators overwhelmed by the queries and policy changes needed to make the period successful. It’s important to think about open enrollment and benefits software well before open enrollment season. Let us take a look at open enrollment software and some of the features HR administrators should consider when evaluating their benefits.

Why Do Organizations Need Open Enrollment Software?

A lot of advantages come from using open enrollment and benefits administration software. For instance, it allows employers to contact employees who have yet to take part in the process. The best benefits software platforms can do this automatically, based on rules provided by HR. The software can send benefits enrollment notifications or deadline reminders.  Regular employee engagement and contact with employees encourages them to participate in the process.

Also, the most reputable benefits software platforms will have decision support tools to allow employees to easily compare the plans in terms of what they cost, and how it will affect their paychecks. In an inflationary environment, employees may reevaluate their benefits to make up for the increased financial hardship. This is an aspect of open enrollment software that can help with employee retention.

What Are Some Features That Help Make Open Enrollment Effective?

Open enrollment systems make it easy for organizations to improve the benefits experience for employees. The best benefits platforms offer straightforward configuration and the ability to provide insurance plans the employer wants to offer.

Ben admin software, such as that from Selerix, offers employers the service and support they need. What’s more, you can;

  • Easily manage the evidence of the insurability process
  • Integrate and direct file feeds with carriers and other business systems such as payroll
  • Access to decision support tools to help employees make the right decisions concerning what plans work best for their situation. This is crucial for employees who may not necessarily be familiar with insurance terms.
  • Receive information and videos on the insurance plans to enable employees to understand their benefits options
  • Adjust policies and rates based on life events
  • Get compliance tools to help your business stay on the right side of regulation. Expect compliance tools that address a variety of needs, including ACA and COBRA.
  • Have access to superior reporting and analytics for HR teams

Get Your Benefits Administration Software Today

Selerix is a trusted ben admin partner for over 21,000 employers. Let us work with you through every step of your benefits journey. You can be sure our open enrollment platform is crafted with the benefit of decades of experience and with comprehensive support from experts who understand exactly what you need to accomplish your benefits goals. 

Whether open enrollment, benefits administration, employee engagement, ACA compliance, or any other benefits-related service, you can trust us to have an ideal solution for your requirements. For more information, schedule a solutions demo today. You can also call us at (469) 452-7076 or use our website’s contact form.

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