The Shift to Virtual Enrollment Assistance: Advising in a Contactless Environment

Nicolette Cross

August 7, 2020

Man advising people over computer

The upcoming enrollment season is unlike anything our industry has experienced before. The immediate shift to a remote workforce has left companies scrambling to re-evaluate best practices and completely move workplace communication online. With COVID still on the rise, this year’s enrollment season will see a noticeable shift away from the face-to-face appointments and group meetings traditionally leveraged by employers and advisors.

The challenge becomes clear: How can employers and benefit advisors provide the essential advice and education employees need in order to make informed benefit decisions?

In a recent BenefitsPro article, Sally Prather observed that, “Online audiences are different than in-person audiences in that they’re more easily distracted, and prone to multi-tasking. That’s why we need to pay special attention to how we’ll engage them, because stakes are high. The information we give to employees has important implications for their lives. We want to make sure to get it right.”

While it’s easy for employers and advisors to feel “handcuffed” by these unprecedented circumstances, technology and data play critical roles in addressing the challenge head-on. Employers have a wealth of employee information within their HR platforms. The ability to leverage demographic data points, like age, location, job-class and even existing coverages, open a new door for employers and advisors to deliver targeted, relevant information to the right employee at the right time.

Communication tools like Selerix Engage provide the tools to help employers and benefit advisors reach targeted employee groups by scheduling automated text messages, emails, and push notifications with tailored information that will ultimately empower employees to make educated, informed decisions this enrollment season. Whether you are an existing Selerix client or not, Selerix Engage can help address the communication challenges you are facing.

Schedule your personalized preview of the tool and get a head start on open enrollment season today.

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