Selerix Engage Release Notes

March 31, 2023 – Scheduled Release

System Enhancements

Admin: Audiences/Engagements: Global Audience: Update Periodically(108985) Updates audiences if the ‘Last Estimated’ date/time stamp is greater than 24 hours in the past and refreshes, keeping the global audience counts on the Manage Audience screen and the Recipient list current. Admin: Engagements: Audiences: Custom Audience: Timestamp and Estimated Count (108879) Adds an estimated audience size calculation and a ‘Last Estimated’ time stamp on the My Audience grid for custom audiences. Admin: Engagements: Import and Export Child Engagements (Various) Adds ability to export and import child engagements from a parent engagement (i.e. campaign) to make a standalone or child engagement on another parent engagement.

Bug Fixes

Employee Portal: Survey/Quiz: No Login Required: ‘Unauthorized User’ Error (108726) Fixes an issue that would occur when a survey or quiz required no login and the system did not appropriately time out, then an employee idled for longer than the allotted time. Admin: Engagement: Preview: Case Logo not Rendering Correctly (108463) Addresses issue where case logo did not render correctly upon previewing engagements. Employee Portal: Improve Help Me Login/Login Page Query (109635, 109549)
Resolves issue where Employees had to navigate to a case via Help Me Login if a virtual path was set. Employees will be able to route to the apporiate case with simply logging in.