Selerix Engage Release Notes

April 19, 2024


System Wide Enhancements

Admin: Templates:Messages: Add New Templates (126731&126884)

Adds one new message template: “Benefit Confirmation Statement”.

Admin: Engagement Activity & Export: Remove Failed Message Entry If Employee Received the Message through Alternate Channel (127161&128878)

Removes failed message entries from engagement activity if the employee received message through alternate channel.

Admin: Audience Export: Enhancement with Filtering Criteria (127155)

Adds criteria used to filter the audience alongside the exported data.


System Wide Bug Fixes

Email: Enhance Dynamic Content Rendering in Email (127562)

Ensures the accurate rendering of dynamic content within emails containing script.

Admin: Exclude Regular Enrollment Actions from Life Event Triggers (127310)

Modifies logic for triggers to ensure that only changes occurring outside of scheduled OE periods or new hire grace periods are classified as qualifying life events, triggering appropriate messages.