Benefits Solutions
for K-12 Education

Few professions rival education in importance to a society. Benefits are key to keeping educators happy and engaged in their critical roles.

School Systems are Cornerstones
of Communities

Well-managed school systems are critical components of successful communities. They are tasked with educating and preparing the next generation of citizens and leaders – essential for a healthy and thriving society.
Teacher shortages and cost considerations are an ongoing challenge in education, so benefits are critically important. Selerix understand the details of managing benefits in school systems, so administrators can focus on what matters.

We Understand the ABCs of Administering
Benefits for School Districts

Managing the complexity associated with multiple classes, such as active employees, substitute teachers, and retirees, even if they move between classes

Customizable systems with a variety of language and communication options

Avoiding wasted costs by ensuring that spouses aren’t double covered by their own insurance plans

Selerix HR Experience simplifies benefits administration, even for the least tech-savvy individuals in the organization

Managing variable pay cycles within the same organization

Easy-to-use enrollment notifications with the messaging and at the frequency of administrators’ choosing

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Solutions Demo

“The Selerix team members are experts in their fields and have collaboratively worked to bring new staff on board. They have helped to coordinate changes in terms of federal laws, internal processes and training/education.We are happy to strategically partner with Selerix to help ensure compliance with complex and changing laws. Selerix staff are well trained and do an excellent job.”

Benefits Coordinator

Selerix School District Client

Proven Expertise Managing Benefits
in K-12 Education

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