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Government administrators face unique challenges when it comes to employee benefits. Leave managing those benefits to a solutions provider that understands those challenges.

Essential Services, Essential Employees, Essential Benefits

Everyone is affected by the services provided by governments, including infrastructure and public safety. And while government administrators have to deal with the everyday concerns of being an employer, they also must deal with citizens and the media, and often are affected by the whims of politicians’ ever-changing priorities.
Let Selerix manage the ultra-complex benefits associated with government employees, so these critical services can continue without distraction.

Selerix Understands the Complexity of
Benefits in Governments

Managing complex benefits eligibility requirements, including job classifications, work locations, or other factors

Quickly and easily manage retirement and COBRA transitions, including managing communications with the individuals and TPAs

Selerix HR Experience simplifies benefits administration, even for the least tech-savvy individuals in the organization

Self-creation of reports if the desired system report is not available

Our Case Wrap-up feature automatically completes enrollment for individuals who didn’t enroll, based on the rules the employer provides, allowing for a clean conclusion to enrollment

Avoiding wasted costs by ensuring that spouses aren’t double covered by their own insurance plans

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“Once we switched to Selerix, our employer and employee facing experience became top notch. The system is user friendly and the help behind the scenes when needed is always above and beyond what is expected.”

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Selerix Client

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