Selerix HR Experience

Selerix HR Experience is a new way for HR and administrative users to interact with the Selerix platform.

We are excited about HR Experience, and believe it will not only improve the Selerix user experience,
but will also improve efficiency by saving time and reducing errors.

You Asked, We Listened

HR Experience was developed through ongoing dialogue with Selerix users.

Designed with user feedback in mind, HR Experience aims to:

Streamline navigation

Reduce errors

Reduce administrative time on platform

New Features

Fewer tabs and navigation options

HR Experience allows fewer steps required to complete administrative tasks. The easy-to-navigate tabs allow users to view important administrative information on an individual employee level.

Condensed benefits summary overview screen for each employee

Displayed on one printer-friendly page, administrators can access current coverage, demographics, dependents, and other key information.

Consolidated event history screen

Users can view all changes to individual employee records in one place: job titles, benefits, life changes, BenSelect updates, etc.

Step-by-step workflow to update life events

The workflow guides users to update qualifying life events and automatically triggers changes to benefits coverages, without affecting unimpacted coverages.

Separate editing and read-only screens

Users can view employee coverage and edit information on two separate editing screen.

When to Expect It

HR Experience will launch on March 10, 2023, but you don’t have to wait until then to choose your interface. 

In the Session -> My Profile menu option, users have the option of choosing “Use HRX,” “Do not use HRX,” or “No setting.”  If no selection is chosen, the system will default to using HRX.

 If you aren’t ready to make the change, no problem! Simply select “Do not use HRX” and you’ll continue using the existing interface, even after March 10.

HR Experience Training Videos

We have developed a series of training videos to help with the transition, and for you to fully understand the capabilities of and improvements presented by HR Experience. The training videos are available on the Selerix Training Vimeo site. Plus Supported Partners can access the videos on the Selerix Training Studio, and all users of BenSelect can view the videos from the User Guide icon on any case’s home page. 

Watch the HR Experience Training Overview below:

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