Benefits Solutions
for Trucking

The pressures of managing a trucking company are countless. The last thing employers need is additional stress related to managing benefits.

The Economy Can’t Afford for
Trucking to Slow Down

We know that fuel costs, economic conditions, and regulations affect the day-to-day operations of trucking companies. On top of that, managing employees in the industry is muddled with turnover, rehires, M&A, multiple locations, and the difficulties associated with job classification and salary structure complexity.

Our solutions are designed to manage that complexity and allow our clients in the trucking business to be confident that their employees’ benefits are in good hands. So they can keep the economy moving.

We Know How to Administer Benefits
in the Trucking Industry

Managing complex benefits eligibility requirements, including job classifications, work locations, number of miles driven, truck ownership, or other factors

Tracking employee hours the way you want to track them from payroll integration to sending Excel files

The ability to handle multiple EINs, including transferring employees among different EINs

Simplified communication with a distributed, on-the-go workforce with our Selerix Engage platform

Ease of adding, terminating, and transferring employees due to M&A activity or ongoing turnover

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“Selerix has been a great partner for us. Their platform is easy to use for our employees and the administrative tools provide us, as the employer, with everything we need. Additionally, their service team steps up with solutions to challenges and takes care of any abnormalities along the way!”

Director, Risk Management

Selerix Trucking Client

Proven Expertise Managing Benefits
in the Trucking Industry

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